Be Bold. Believe In Possible. Light The Spark!

These values are a key part of how we work with our clients.  We also actively support the United Nations Global Goals - specifically Goals 5, 8 and 9

The Global Goals Icon for Goal 5 - Gender Equality - as supported by Spark Consulting

We support goal 5 in two ways: 1. through our work with Startups and Large Corporates to ensure their Management Teams, Boards and general staff profiles are diverse and present strong opportunities for women. 2. Through donating 2% of all our revenue to charities supporting women, we ensure every client is supporting the Goal as well

The Global Goals - Goal - 8 - Decent work and Economic Growth - as supported by Spark Consulting

We support goal 8 through our work with startups, creating new jobs and innovating to increase economic productivity

The Global Goals Icons - Goal 9, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure - supported by Spark Consulting

We support Goal 9 through our work with Fintech startups to provide access to financial services and through our wider startup and large corporate work by increasing access to information

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