We work with ambitious StartUps from Pre-Seed to Series A, whether you’re seeking investment or bootstrapping.  If you need funding, then our ‘Are You Investor Ready?’ programme will dramatically increase your chances of winning investment.  If you’re bootstrapping or between investment rounds and focused on growth, then our Founder Support service will help you define your goals and stay laser focused on achieving them.

Are You Investor Ready?

Winning investment is tough at any stage, and the process itself can feel like you’re stuck in a fog with no directions.  Our 6-step Investor Ready Roadmap Programme will guide you through a series of workshops that help you stand out for all the right reasons.  We offer different Roadmap levels tailored to your stage and budget.  If you’re not sure if this service is for you, why not start by taking our Investor Readiness Assessment?

Are You Investor Ready?

The Investor Ready Programme

Ready to be Investor Ready?

Founder Support

Are you the Founder of a startup which is rapidly gaining traction and needs to grow and scale fast?  Our Founder Support service means we’ll work with you to enhance your business vision, create a detailed growth strategy and implementation plan, and identify key business metrics which act as success measures along the way.  With all that in place, we then engage with Founders on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis to review the progress against plan and the business metrics data.  Together we identify if there is a need to pivot, accelerate or slow down, according to all the factors at play.  We only accept 5 Founders at any one time for this service, to ensure our service is top quality all the time.

Founder Support Programme

Start Up Investor Readiness Programme

Are You Ready for Founder Support?

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