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Digital Transformation

Spark! Consulting

Works with SMEs and Corporates across all sectors, from Tech to Financial Services and Manufacturing to E-Commerce.  We provide practical, collaborative services supporting core business growth, new directions and business optimisation.

Strategic Planning


Whether you are reviewing your whole business strategy, or have a more specific focus, we’re here to help.

We use our Spark! Strategic Planning approach to support you in making objective assessments and creating new strategic plans with measurable results.  We then help translate that strategy into operational planning you can implement immediately.  We are also able to facilitate quarterly reviews and accountability sessions, to support your strategy implementation.

We work directly with Business owners, or run group sessions for the whole management team and/or Board.  To find out more about the value our Strategic Planning approach could add to your business, contact us for a complimentary 1-hour Strategic Planning diagnostic session, where we can discuss your goals and current challenges.

Capital Raising preparation


Raising capital for your business can be complex and sometimes stressful.  We provide an in-depth, practical approach to investor readiness, ensuring you will be confident about the fundraising process and credible in front of investors, whether your route is debt or equity.  As well as working with you to prepare your key pitch materials, we analyse your business to diagnose gaps investors would question and help you create strategies to resolve them.  We also provide introductions to investors and deal advisory support providers where appropriate.

To find out more about how we can support your capital journey, join us for a complimentary 1-hour Capital Raising Review, where we can analyse your current position and goals.

Digital Transformation


Changing your business can feel hard, particularly if you don’t have the right, or enough, expertise on board.  If your business is at the start of its digital journey, we can work with you on developing the Digital Blueprint for your company and understanding how that translates into practical change.

If you already have a Blueprint, but now need to make it real, we provide end-to-end business transformation services, from first analysis through project/product design, delivery, adoption and handover to Business-As-Usual.  We work with our clients to understand where we will offer most value, whether it be in one part of the process, or across the whole piece.

Our transformation experience covers user bases of up to 240,000, budgets of up to £9m and teams of up to 100 spread across multiple countries and time zones.

We have particular expertise in process improvement, business systems deployment, outsourcing and organisation design (OD).

If you don't yet have a permanent Transformation function in your business but feel it may be the right time to set one up, we can advise on target operating model, including budgeting, team structure and required skills and capabilities.

To find out more about how we can support you in Digital Transformation, join us for a complimentary 1-hour Digital Strategy Review.

Enterprise innovation


Your biggest asset is your people – yet many companies fail to leverage the collective knowledge and insight of their team, whether they are facing challenges or targeting new markets.  Innovation is core to survival and staying ahead of the competition – and yet many companies fail to invest in active innovation.  We work with businesses to engage their teams in innovation, creating new ways for management and staff to collaborate and communicate around key strategic goals.  When we implement enterprise innovation schemes, we see some or all of the following:

  • increases in staff engagement & retention
  • increases in productivity
  • decreases in cost
  • new product/service innovation
  • customer service or delivery improvements
  • increased revenue

If you would like to find out more about Enterprise Innovation and how it could benefit your company, please book a complimentary 1-hour Enterprise Innovation Diagnostic

Corporate governance


Effective corporate governance can increase business longevity, revenue and profits while reducing business risk and costs and ensuring compliance.

Typically, we work with two scenarios when it comes to Corporate Governance for SMEs and Corporates: either a business has now grown to the point where they wish to implement some formal corporate governance, and need support to do so, or they have some corporate governance in place, but feel it could be more effective and bring greater benefit.

In both scenarios we work collaboratively with you to understand your strategic goals and design what ‘good’ would look like from a corporate governance perspective; where existing governance is in place, we then audit existing practice against the best practice design and make recommendations for changes and additions.

To discuss your current corporate governance approach, and what changes you would like to make, please book a 1-hour complimentary Corporate Governance Review.