UK Startup Investor Temperature Check Survey


Spark! is delighted to announce the new UK Startup Investor Temperature Check Survey and Report

Targeted at the world of startup investment and developed in response to the high speed of change in our markets and the world in general, the Investor Temperature Check Survey and Report is different to many other startup reports in three ways:

1) Biannual Survey and Report: Due to the rapidly changing nature of our markets, technology and the extraordinary chain of events in 2020 so far, we feel that Annual Reports on the startup ecosystem are no longer sufficient. The Spark! Investor Temperature Check Survey will be issued to Investors every six months, at the end of H1 and H2. The Report will be compiled from the data received and will also be issued on a biannual basis, providing startups and other stakeholders across the ecosystem with transparency investment thinking.

2) Cross-Investor Survey: Many surveys and reports focus on single types of investors – Angels or CVCs or VCs. At Spark! we feel the value is in understanding how different types of investors respond to the same questions, providing comparators that allow Startups and Scaleups to understand where best to focus their attention. To that end, the Survey has been issued to Angel Investors, Family Offices, VCs and CVCs across the UK

3) Tied directly to current world trends and events: Each time the Survey is issued, it will contain some new questions relating to key world events and trends that have happened in the previous 6 months. By gathering data on how these events have impacted investment strategies, we hope to bring further clarity and understanding to startups and scaleups across the UK.


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To encourage participation, Spark! has committed to donate £1 for every completed survey to SafeSteps, a charity which supports women and children as they flee domestic abuse and build new lives.

The Survey can be completed here:

All information provided in the survey is secured, and information will only be used as part of grouped statistical data, unless further permission is sought from the submitter.

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